Matthias Horx

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Matthias Horx by Mind Map: Matthias Horx

1. The Future Evolution House

2. TEDx

2.1. is about linking ideas and the future

3. The future Evolution House - Vienna

3.1. The house should never be finished

3.2. In construction for the past 5 years

3.3. Built around future energies

3.4. My father was a futurist, and probably didn't know it.

3.4.1. My mother was always afraid that she'd get an electric shock from the sofa

3.5. Since 1965

3.5.1. I've wanted to live in space

3.6. The work space is completely separate from the living areas

3.6.1. Love

3.6.2. Hub

3.6.3. Guest

3.7. Houses have writing on them to denote what happens there

3.8. The Hub

3.8.1. The kitchen reduced to it's most basic elements combination of modern and natural architecture

4. How can we make a future house livable?

4.1. How do we do it?

4.2. How does living change in mega-trends?

4.2.1. globalization

4.3. How can architecture help to organize a better family/life/work balance?

4.3.1. Shelter

4.3.2. Small Territory

4.3.3. The basement of mobility

4.4. Houses become a hub of activity

4.4.1. Living Room

4.4.2. Sleeping Room

4.4.3. Bathroom

4.4.4. Kitchen

4.5. Today's house is reflecting the change in society

4.5.1. mixing of living/kitchen rooms

5. Legend

5.1. Nodes are drag and drop, place them anywhere you like

5.2. Use the + and - icons to expand/collapse nodes

5.3. Hover over the circle with lines to read attached notes

5.4. The forward pointing arrow indicates a link associated with the node

6. Smart Green Design

6.1. A lot of green design isn't pretty

6.2. Rebind the energy of the car to the house

6.2.1. Car energy can be used in the house

6.3. Materials

6.3.1. Privalite electric window that is opaque or transparent

6.3.2. Simplexity Technology

6.3.3. Simplify Tech wireless charging of mobile phones

6.4. Urban Gardening

6.4.1. Convenience Garden system gardening in containers

7. "Technology is the answer to questions no one has ever asked?

7.1. We need to think different

7.1.1. Simplexity