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Achim Rögener by Mind Map: Achim Rögener
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Achim Rögener

At just 20 years of age Dominic Schindler, owner and creative mind at Dominic Schindler Cre- ations, collaborated on many large projects: from furniture and light- ing design, jewellery, art and beauty, through to luxury yachts. The basics for his work he ac- quired at the famous „Parsons School of Design“ in New York and Paris, and at the „Harvard School of Business and Manage- ment“ in Cambridge.

Design Dreaming

Dominic Schindler is trying to visualize how design affects sustainable thinking and acting, and moreover provide value and entertainment.



Mass production

Mass marketing

low value - long value chain


Short lifecycle

high revenue

global cooperations

The alternate way


p2p marketing

long lifecycle

good value - high price

personal service

Start Dreaming

working as an advocate for the consumer

Bumble Bee/Bateria

A wing harness, Parkour wing

termite mound

sea cow

oil spill collector


Windmills, give design an added meaning, Wind on top, Wave collectors underwater

Turning the windmill sideways

Solar collection in the desert

Buy Consciously




Design Dreaming

Before you dream

You recap the day

First industrialized products

All looked the same

People liked it

Outcome = bauhaus

Brand substitutes

Pre industrialized

You would know those that made items


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