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Mark A. M. Kramer by Mind Map: Mark A. M. Kramer
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Mark A. M. Kramer

  Mark A. M. Kramer teaches at the university of applied sciences in Hagenberg and is part of the company"Yassuuu", which develops services for free access to information. It deals with the connections of mobile technologies and their impact on society. He is also co-founder of “Mobile Monday”.  

The Right of accessible Knowledge

Mark A. M. Kramer talks about the right to freedom of information. He points to solutions that can help underdeveloped re- gions to get access to information, despite a lack of Internet access.

Accessible Knowledge

"everyone has the right to receive and import information and ideas through and media and regardless of frontiers"

1.8 billion internet connections in the world today

It's about the people not technologies

The future of knowledge access

is driven by mobile connectivity

The future is already here, it's just not evenly distributed.

What can we do?

Think of knowledge access as a human right

if we don't


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