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Input by Mind Map: Input

1. What is input?

1.1. input is any data and instuctions entered into memory of a computer

2. What are input device

2.1. An input device is an any hardware component that allows user to enter data and instruction to a computer

3. The Keyboard

3.1. A keyboard is an input device that contains key user press to enter data and instruction into a computer

3.2. Wire keyboard

3.2.1. USB PORT


3.3. Wireless keyboard


3.3.2. IRDA

4. Pointing devices

4.1. Mouse

4.1.1. A mouse is a pointing device that fits the under the palm of your hand comfortably

4.2. Trackball

4.2.1. A trackball is a stationary device with a ball on its top or side

4.3. Touchpad

4.3.1. A touchpad is a small,flat,rectangular pointing device that is sensitive to pressure and motion

4.4. Pointing stick

4.4.1. A pointing stick is a pressure sensitive pointing device shape like pencil eraser that is position between keys on a keyboard

5. Terminal

5.1. A terminal is a computer that allows the user to send data to and/or receive information from the host computer

6. Other input for smart phone

7. Game controllers

7.1. Gamepads

7.2. Joysticks and wheels

7.3. Light guns

7.4. Dances pad

7.5. Motion-sensing controllers

8. Scanners and reading devices

8.1. flatbed

8.2. pen or handheld

8.3. sheet-fed

8.4. drum

9. Video input

9.1. video input is the process of capturing full motion image and storing them on a computer 's storage medium

10. Digital cameras

10.1. Studio cameras

10.2. Field cameras

11. Biometric input

11.1. finger print reader

11.2. face recognition system

11.3. Hand geometry system

11.4. Voice verification system

11.5. Signature verfication system

11.6. Iris recognition system

11.7. Retinal scanners

12. Touch screens and Touch sensitive Pad

12.1. A touch screen is a touch sensitive device

13. Voice input

13.1. speech

13.2. music

13.3. sound effect