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TNN by Mind Map: TNN

1. Harris

1.1. Key Points

1.1.1. TNN - Intellectual Distribution

1.1.2. One on One Life and Business Profile

1.1.3. Re-invest in People

1.1.4. Build a tribe

2. Project Managers

2.1. Web Design

2.1.1. Buddy / Liz / Brett

2.2. Web Development

2.2.1. Brett / Outsourcers

2.3. Community Management

2.3.1. Buddy / Liz Content Creation Email Communication 33 Community Email Templates Emails based on eMail Marketing Machine Manage Member Areas

2.4. Social Media Management

2.4.1. Jon /Buddy / Liz Promote Pre-Launch TNN & HNL

2.4.2. Jon Paid Likes Campaign (TNN) Build Fan Page (TNN)

2.5. Personal Branding

2.5.1. Jon / Brett Personal Website HobNob Local Network

3. Networks

3.1. TNN

3.1.1. TNN Prelaunch Page Just filler content so far

3.1.2. TNN Members Area Login: Login Page username password Buy Video With Points Example

4. Tools

4.1. Zoho

4.1.1. Project Management Tool

4.1.2. Support Desk

4.1.3. Software Bug Tracking

4.2. MyCred Points

4.2.1. Current Points Registering as member Logging in Publishing content Commenting Clicking on links Referring visitors Watching videos Selling Memberships Submitting a Form Voting in a Poll Members Can Trade Points

4.3. Activecampaign

4.3.1. Autoresponder Gamification Fetaures

5. Pre Launch Doc's

5.1. Create The Story

5.2. List Building Checklist

5.3. Market Research

6. USP

6.1. Core

6.1.1. Harris During Our last call you asked us to identify a USP for TNN I went back through my notes from all of our calls Looking for the "AHA Moment" I began to focus on Harris's idea of Matching Person to Opportunity The next step was matching the AHA moment to the most scalable, profitbale, TNN service offering

6.1.2. Revenue Qualifiers 1) Recurring Income 2) Scalable Revenue 3) Singular Availability Memberships Training via Certification How to position for #3 Qualifier - Singular Availability

6.1.3. Looked at top 20 NWM Trainers Nexera Eight-Factor Formula I began to notice - Not what was different - but what was the same Discovered a untapped void in the marketplace Current NWM Training Industry is based on: One size fits all approach

6.1.4. Great marketing and business models are based on an Epiphany Pitch based on Hariss's AHA Moment Elevator Pitch Lots of elevators in your life Mess one up - wait for the next Super Bowl Pitch Image you had a one shot - 30 second pitch to be aired on the super bowl Put yourself in this position It's your first day of college You have scrimped and saved and have student loans hanging over your head Everything is in place to finally make your dream of a college education come true You show up to your first day orientation and discover that you along with 600 other students are all handed the exact same cookie cutter classes, courses, professors and books. Everyone is getting the exact same education. Your dream is turning in to a nightmare This is the entire basis of the current Network Marketing Training Industry The Networkers Network is different. TNN offers adaptive, strengths-based training based on scientific assessment of your unique "Business Goal & Personality Profile" Individualized Training as Unique as You Are The inner circle is now open to all

6.1.5. TNN's Big Idea Each member gets the exact, customized training they need to be successful Needs based training Nathan Chanesman Based on Four Profile Results TNN Private Label Testing Site

6.1.6. Implementation Core Courses Plus 4 Variations Based on Profile Test

6.1.7. Result Disruption of the Network Marketing Training Industry Parellel: Think about what Uber did to the Multi Billion Dollar Taxi industry Additional Products Personal Branding, Sales & Marketing Materials Based on Your Business Personaliity Profile Congruency & Authenticity

7. Comp Intel

7.1. Top Trainers


7.1.2. Randy Gage

7.1.3. Orrin Woodward

7.1.4. Tim Sales Online Lead System

7.1.5. Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

7.1.6. Jeff Olson

7.1.7. Todd Falcone

7.1.8. Art Jonak

7.1.9. Doug Firebaugh

7.1.10. Jordan Adler

7.1.11. Richard Bliss Brooke

7.1.12. Jerry Clark

7.1.13. Darren Hardy

7.1.14. Len Clements

7.1.15. Bob Burg

7.1.16. Michael Oliver

7.1.17. John Milton Fogg

7.1.18. NO WOMEN!

7.2. NWM Platforms

7.2.1. Empower Network Kalatu Blogging System Sample Website INM Review Comp Plan

8. Training

8.1. WORK > smart

8.1.1. Time Managment

9. Summit