Abby's day!

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Abby's day! by Mind Map: Abby's day!

1. while in miami im gonna go and pet a shark!

1.1. im going to bring him home and build a tank on my floor so i can look at him.

1.2. i will name him...SHARK!

1.3. and feed him haleys fingers.

2. wake up

2.1. first i am going to walk down the flight of stairs and eat a pop tart

2.1.1. brush me teeth get dressed!!!!!! leave my house

2.1.2. yummy!

3. go to meet lebron james

3.1. at the gym

3.2. in miami

4. for lunch im going to eat ice cream

4.1. with chicken

4.2. And chocolate milk

4.3. yummmm....

5. now im going to walk to scheels and get a basketball then run around with the ball

6. go say hi to the cooks

6.1. and tell then i want chicken for lunch from KFC!

6.2. also that the lines should move faster so i dont have to wait so long

6.3. then i will say thank you and walk away

7. i want to go to africa

7.1. while im there im going to touch a big bad lion.

8. then im going to swim across the ocean all the way to my house and sleep on my bed

8.1. and my pillow is the biggest pillow in the world!