Determining E-commerce Project

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Determining E-commerce Project by Mind Map: Determining E-commerce Project

1. Is the business a product or a service

1.1. Product

1.1.1. Does it need warehouseing

1.1.2. what kind of delivery is required

1.1.3. which all countries will it be catered to

1.2. Service

1.2.1. how will this service be delivered to the consumer

1.2.2. what will insure that the service is properly delivered without any tampering

2. Is this done by anyone else or is this a copied business model

2.1. copied

2.1.1. from whom

2.1.2. what makes your service better

2.1.3. how will you differentiate from existing companies

2.2. original

2.2.1. why has this not been done before

2.2.2. are there any obstacles that have to be overcome

2.2.3. how do you keep an original idea... original and not copied

3. who will this business help

3.1. end user

3.2. small companies

3.3. large companies

4. What will be unique about this company or its usp

4.1. Operations

4.2. financially

4.3. marketing

4.4. trending

4.5. convenience

4.6. not existing currently

5. What kind of data will be required for this business

5.1. is there existing data to cover this topic

5.2. can similar companies be researched

6. What will determine the profitability of this business

7. what would define the success or learning fractor of this company

8. What kind of MBS frameworks would help study or explain the situation