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Market Pres by Mind Map: Market Pres

1. Differentiation

1.1. Price

1.1.1. Our product will be a set subscription price, that is low enough that the benefits to the user will outweigh the monthy/yearly cost.

1.2. Features

1.3. Innovation

1.3.1. Currently innovative in its instant translation, nothing else on the market can compare.

2. Cost Structure

2.1. Licence

2.1.1. We can allow users to purchase a licence to use our product, this licence can be paid for on a monthly / annual basis.

2.2. Purchase

2.2.1. users could outright purchase the application for a larger fee ( incentive-ize long term use )

2.3. Free Trial

2.3.1. Allow users to use the application for a period of time to acclimate to the application. Then ask for payment after the trial period

2.4. Micro Purchase

2.4.1. Allow users to buy specifically packaged items Purchase Ad Removal Purchase Language Packs European Eastern European South American OR

3. Research

3.1. Speech Recognition

3.2. Google Now

3.3. Apple Siri

3.4. Text 2 Speech

4. Delivery

4.1. AppStore

4.1.1. App cna be downloaded directly from an app store

4.2. Google Play

4.2.1. Placed on the google Play store

4.3. NFC / Bluetooth Transfer

4.3.1. When in a conversation where the other user is using the app, show a pop-up to install application.

4.4. App can be linked directly form websites (similar to downloading an mp3)

5. Different Customers

5.1. Tourism

5.1.1. Tourists will find this application invaluable as they travel to different places.

5.2. Business

5.2.1. Business men will be able to conduct business all over the world without a language barrier.

6. eBusiness

6.1. Feedback

6.1.1. Allow users to give feedback through the bug report feature in the application

6.2. Mobile Access

6.2.1. create a friendly mobile site to allow users to contact the business easily

7. Alliances

7.1. Apple (iPhone)

7.1.1. Integrate directly into Siri as a command, allowing users to launch app (splash screen) from siri.

7.2. Google Now Integration

7.2.1. Integrate Application directly into google's Now service, to launch app with a voice command ie: "Live Translation"

8. Value Chain

9. Triple Bottom Line

9.1. Profit

9.1.1. Stay Ahead Of Competition (Innovate) When we release we will be unrivalled in the technology our application uses. The product will be well known because of how futuristic it is. It can continue that way with new innovations. Destinations

9.2. People

9.2.1. Local Events Hold events in urban areas, familiarize people with the company name and application

9.2.2. Fundraisers Hold charitable fundraisers to allow people to associate our product/company with good things.

9.3. Planet

9.3.1. No App Footprint Currently no environmental footprint from application (other than phone battery cost)

9.3.2. Eco Friendly Offices To show planet health awareness, we will strive to make offices as 'green' as possible and advertise it.