Academic Paper: Using Social Media in the Classroom

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Academic Paper: Using Social Media in the Classroom by Mind Map: Academic Paper: Using Social Media in the Classroom

1. Advantages

1.1. Building relationships

1.2. Increased engagement

1.3. Continues learning outside classroom

1.4. Allows for collaboration

1.5. Connects students with experts

1.6. Teachers can contact students

1.7. Students are more comfortable

1.8. Develops independent learners

1.9. Various uses in the classroom

2. Dangers

2.1. Privacy concerns

2.1.1. Concerns

2.1.2. How to combat this

2.1.3. Blocking comments

2.2. Blurred lines

2.2.1. How to remain in the appropriate teacher role

2.2.2. Appropriate disclosure

2.3. Risk of harming credibility

2.4. Invading student personal space

2.5. Possible miscommunications

2.6. Classroom efficiency

2.6.1. Overstimulation

2.6.2. Time wasted

2.7. Digital divide

3. Resources

3.1. "Integrating Social Media Into the Classroom Curriculum" - Jordan & Abe

3.2. "Social Media in the Classroom: a Simple yet Complex Hybrid Environment for Students" - Casey

3.3. "Using Social Media as a Tool for Learning: A Multi-Disciplinary Study" - Delello, McWhorter & Camp

3.4. "Managing Boundaries in the Web 2.0 Classroom" - McEwan

3.5. "Using Disruptive Technologies to Make Digital Connections: Stories of Media Use and Digital Literacy in Secondary Classrooms" - Nowell

3.6. "Character Journaling through Social Networks: Exemplifying Tenets of the New Literacy Studies" - White & Hungerford-Kresser

3.7. "Retooling the Social Studies Classroom for the Current Generation" - Wilson, Wright & Matherson