ELL Programs

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ELL Programs by Mind Map: ELL Programs

1. Inclusion/Collaborative teaching for ESL students

1.1. OBJECTIVE: ESL student communicate information, ideas, and concepts necessary for academic success inclusively with teacher and ESL specialist support.

1.1.1. Strategy 1: Provide intensive Reading support. ESL teacher works with the main classroom teacher to provide student with additional direct instruction in intensive and structured sessions. Teacher can provide support in phonological awareness, phonics, reading fluency, vocabulary or comprehension depending on the need.

1.1.2. Strategy 2: Incorporate a variety of learning styles. Use visuals, hands on activities, songs or games to teach in the classroom.

1.1.3. Strategy 3: Model language and behavior instead of over correcting. Teach students how to pronounce certain words or ask a question by modeling. Always use correct grammar when speaking and always follow the rules.

2. Two-way dual language bilingual program

2.1. OBJECTIVE: ESL students communicate information, ideas and concepts necessary for academic success in both languages simultaneously.

2.1.1. Strategy 1: Pair students and use cooperative learning. Pairing students with the same first language or different languages will encourage peer assessment and vocabulary development.

2.1.2. Strategy 3: Incorporating the students' language and cultures. Allowing students to use their native language or reference their culture will encourage the student to be proud of his origins and therefore more receptive to learning. Let the students decide on the poem or song that the class can learn together.

2.1.3. Strategy 2: Using prior knowledge or experiences. Encouraging students to share experiences or what they already know to make the subject matter more meaningful and a learning experience for everyone.