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MeeseWorks Map by Mind Map: MeeseWorks Map

1. Unlock Your Theme

1.1. The Get Noticed!™ Theme Unlocked

1.1.1. Step-By-Step Basics (PRO + VIP) Getting Started Recommended WordPress Settings Site Menus Theme Settings FTC Disclosure Social Media Strategy Share Bar Optimization Social Media Settings Integrations Setup Setting up an Author Box

1.1.2. Polished Post Publication (PRO + VIP) Get Noticed!™ Theme Shortcodes What is a Shortcode? Using the "Button" Shortcode Using the "Callout Box" Shortcode Using the "Endorsement" Shortcode Using the "Featured Image" Shortcode Using the "Offer Box" Shortcode Using the "Permalink" Shortcode Using the "Comment Reminder" Shortcode Using the "Slideshare Presentation" Shortcode Using the "TED Video" Shortcode Using the "YouTube Video" Shortcode Using the "Shareable Quote" Shortcode Post Editing Post Editor Overview Read More Tag Sidebar Settings

1.1.3. Building Better Branding (PRO + VIP) Using the Theme Customizer Theme Customizer: Overview Using the Color Selector Creating and Selecting Font Packages Uploading Indentity Graphics Flat vs. Skeuomorphic Design Customizing Widgets Widgets Overview and Placement Options Using the "Advanced Text" Widget Using the "Subscription Form" Widget Using the "Reach Count" Widget Using the "Social Lists" Widget Using the "Countdown" Widget Using the "Display Books" Widget Using the "Facebook Like Box" Widget Using the "Upcoming Events" or "Upcoming Appearances" Widgets

1.1.4. Mastering Miniposts (PRO + VIP) Informative Miniposts Using the "Media Appearances" Minipost Using the "Announcements" Minipost Using the "Events" Minipost Engaging Miniposts Using the "Questions" Minipost Using the "Links" Minipost Standalone Content Using the "Audio" Minipost Using the "Tips" Minipost Using the "Slides" Minipost Using the "Quotes" Minipost Using the "Videos" Minipost Using the "Tweets" Minipost Using the "Books" Minipost Using the "Snippets" Minipost

1.1.5. Lucrative Landing Pages (VIP) Initial Setup Overview of Landing Pages Basic Purchase Box Setup The Publishing Menu on a Landing Page Adding Testimonials to a Landing Page Adding a Money Back Guarantee Advanced Features Time-Sensitive Offers Selling a Product Through Multiple Vendors Navigation Options Extra Navigation Options

1.1.6. Unlock Your Theme Community (VIP)

1.1.7. Affiliate Program Access (VIP)

1.2. GNT Essentials

1.2.1. 1. For starters, how can I help?

1.2.2. 2. The plugins you absolutely need on your site

1.2.3. 3. Your perfect site menu setup

1.2.4. 4. Two (✌️) WordPress settings you don't want to mess up on your site

1.2.5. 5. Automatically send each blog post via email

1.2.6. 6. Any questions so far?

1.2.7. 7. Coca-Cola gets this, but do you?

1.2.8. 8. The perfect header image design

1.2.9. 9. Those wacky widgets... am I right?

1.2.10. 10. You're probably wondering this

1.2.11. 11. How to build an email list like Michael Hyatt

1.2.12. 12. What do you do when you have no idea where to start?

1.2.13. 13. There's a reason you bought The Get Noticed!™ Theme

1.2.14. 14. One week only: sign up and you'll get this free plugin

1.2.15. 15. Some common questions so far...

1.2.16. 16. Here's what real-life members have to say

1.2.17. 17. Today's the last day

1.2.18. 18. Was it something I said?

1.3. Recommended Resources

2. Blog

2.1. Coaching Services

2.2. Content Upgrades

2.2.1. Daily Life Navigation

2.2.2. ConvertKit Tour

2.2.3. $10 Launch Strategy Guide

2.2.4. GNT Getting Started Checklist

3. Notable Themes

3.1. Themes / Child Themes

3.1.1. Mentoris™ Premium WordPress Theme

3.1.2. Monowriter Premium WordPress Theme

3.2. Plugins

3.2.1. Affiliate Boxes WordPress Plugin (PRO Version)

3.2.2. Affiliate Boxes WordPress Plugin (Free Version)

3.3. Design / Development Services

3.3.1. Custom WordPress Theme

3.3.2. Custom WordPress Child Theme

3.3.3. Custom Post Type

3.3.4. Logo Design and Brand Identity

3.3.5. Blog Header Design

3.3.6. Sharable Graphics

3.3.7. Social Media Covers

3.4. Professional VS Amateur Design

4. Key

4.1. = List Builder

4.2. = Money Maker

4.3. ➞ = Pitch

4.4. ➞ = Lead-in

5. Key Affiliates

5.1. ConvertKit

5.2. A Small Orange

5.3. Course Laboratory

5.4. Copywriting Academy

5.5. Best Year Ever