Parental Conflict's Effect on Children

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Parental Conflict's Effect on Children by Mind Map: Parental Conflict's Effect on Children

1. Influence

1.1. Children mimic what parents do

1.2. watch conversations

1.3. watch physical actions

2. Conflict

2.1. sexual conflict

2.2. time conflict

2.3. job conflict

3. Control

3.1. dominent

3.2. submissive

3.3. no control

4. peer group

4.1. children will act differently depending on how they see conflict and handle conflict at home

4.1.1. act dominant

4.1.2. if parents fight in conflict, the children will fight in conflict (physical or verbal)

4.1.3. girls - will back down in conflict if they see mom back down in conflict with dad

5. emotional stress or trauma

5.1. if that's all they're used to, they have no concept of normal conflict resolution

5.2. severe trauma of parent and child conflict or parent and parent conflict

5.2.1. personal trauma

5.2.2. observational trauma

6. male/female conversation role

6.1. depending on who they see as the dominant one in conflict, they will act accordingly and repeat what they see