Marquette Neighborhood Health Center

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Marquette Neighborhood Health Center by Mind Map: Marquette Neighborhood Health Center

1. Services

1.1. Primary Health Care Services

1.1.1. Annual check-ups Pap smears Breast exams Men's health Work physicals

1.1.2. Well-child care School physicals Sports physicals

1.1.3. Immunizations

1.1.4. Flu shots

1.1.5. Screenings Vision Hearing TB

1.1.6. Lab tests Order & evaluate lab & imaging tests X-rays EKGs Lab work On-site Urine Blood sugar Rapid strep

1.1.7. Management of chronic illnesses Asthma Diabetes High blood pressure Heart disease Infections

1.1.8. Diagnosis & treatment of common illnesses

1.1.9. Health promotion & education Nutrition Exercise Lifestyle changes such as smoking cessation & stress management

1.2. Minor & Acute Problems

1.2.1. Sore throats

1.2.2. Minor infections

1.2.3. Burns

1.2.4. Sprains

1.2.5. Strains

1.2.6. Anything that can be handled outside of an ER

1.3. Referrals

1.3.1. Specialized medical care

1.3.2. Physical therapy

1.3.3. Nutritional counseling

1.3.4. Emergency care & hospitalization

1.4. Provide Supplies

1.4.1. Thermometers

1.4.2. $5 Walgreen's gift cards for co-pays

1.4.3. Toothbrushes

1.4.4. Books for children

2. Structure

2.1. Operations

2.1.1. Nurse managed health center

2.1.2. Operated by the College of Nursing

2.1.3. Visits by appointment

2.1.4. Hours Mon/Wed/Fri 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Tues/Thurs 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. Sat 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. 24 hours a day by phone

2.2. Nurse Practitioners

2.2.1. Capabilities License to prescribe medications Order & evaluate lab & imaging tests Make referrals & consult with physicians as needed

2.2.2. About Registered Nurses with graduate degrees in nursing. Safely provide up to 90% of primary care needed by children and 80% by adults Many prefer NPs for their enhanced communication, counseling, interviewing skills & more complete exams

2.2.3. Advance Practices Nurses Family Nurse Practioner Pediatric Nurse Practioner Adult Nurse Practitioner Certified Nurse Midwife Registered Nurse Certified Advanced Diabetes Management

2.3. College of Nursing Students

2.3.1. Graduate and undergraduate students provide client care with faculty supervision

2.3.2. Nursing faculty can also get hours

3. Goals

3.1. Business

3.1.1. Increase commercial insurance clients to 25-20% of those served Increase number of people served proportional to commercial clients served Add another Nurse Practitioner to staff

3.1.2. Raise funds via donations to center and/or College of Nursing

3.1.3. Receive relevant grants

3.1.4. Attract prospective nursing students to College of Nursing

3.2. Communications

3.2.1. Build awareness of services to Marquette students and employees with commercial insurance

3.2.2. Harness and tell positive staff, student and client stories

3.2.3. Correct misperception of Nurse Practitioners and quality of care [Does one actually exist? Sounds like a doctor's perspective, not a client's. May be in the mind of the NPs.]

4. Populations Served

4.1. Proximity

4.1.1. Marquette students

4.1.2. Marquette employees In-network provider for employee health plans (EPO & PPO) Employees eligible for one free routine annual physical exam In-network provider for employee health plans (EPO & PPO)

4.1.3. Northwest area of Milwaukee

4.2. Need

4.2.1. Medicaid (85%) Under poverty level Families with children Working poor

4.2.2. Medicare (5%) 65+ Disabilities

4.2.3. Commercial insurance (10%)

5. Values

5.1. Vision

5.1.1. Reduce health disparities by delivering quality health care to adults & children in the Milwaukee metro area

5.1.2. Provide clinical experience to nursing students.

5.2. Mission

5.2.1. Commitment to excellence, faith, leadership and service.

5.2.2. Health care as a continuation of the healing ministry of Jesus Christ

5.2.3. Guided by the professional codes of nursing Respect for all persons & cultures Ethical values Holistic approach

5.2.4. Opportunities for education, scholarship & research

5.3. Focus on the person rather than a disease

5.4. Services provided without discrimination or segregation