Sources of Media Power

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Sources of Media Power by Mind Map: Sources of Media Power

1. News-Making

1.1. The media decides what is "news" and who is "newsworthy"

1.2. This is the most important source of media power

2. Interpreting

2.1. The media has the power to set the context, to frame the issue, to interpret the facts, and potentially to provide legitimacy for people, issues, or groups

2.2. These are powerful and controversial functions of the media

3. Media's affect on...

4. Agenda Setting

4.1. The media's ability to determine which issues will be covered, in what detail, and in what context

5. Socializing

5.1. The media is an agent of socialization, teaching us political facts and opinions that help form our political belief-structures and our political culture

6. ...public opinion