Geography, Canada's Connections

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Geography, Canada's Connections by Mind Map: Geography, Canada's Connections

1. Google maps

1.1. Link for different activities involving google maps:

2. Material

2.1. Create an example google map, this must contain different pins, labels for the pins, distance between pins.

3. GLO: 9.3.2 Canada's Global responsibilities

3.1. SLO

3.1.1. KG-034 Give examples of Canada’s connections with other nations. Examples: trade, communication, environment, entertainment, sports... Students will research the different connections with other countries. They will then create their own google map where they will analyze the distance in between the different countries and create pins for the important landmarks in relation to the trade, communication, environment and any other events.

3.1.2. KG-038 Give examples of Canada’s participation within international organizations. Examples: United Nations, Commonwealth, la Francophonie, Olympics

4. Continuum

4.1. P-1.2 follows given plans

4.2. P-3.2 designs own electronic plans

4.3. G-1.4 collects primary data using electronic devices

4.4. E-2.1 applies school division’s acceptable-use policy for ICT

5. Main Idea

5.1. Main Idea: have students pick a topic from a list, create a map with a minimum of 10 pins, get with a partner and have partner identify the pins, once everyone has identified the pins, the final project will be to create a map of the local town or school with evacuation routes, safe zones, hospitals, police stations, fire departments, routes to these locations. And an additional 5 POI.

6. Resources


6.2. Example:,-113.6226122,6z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!6m1!1szlkx_utPUb5s.kp8cVK0PA5WI?hl=en

6.3. Permission form

6.4. Book the computers

7. Opening Activity

7.1. Geoguesser


7.1.2. Great way to grab students' attention

8. Assessments

8.1. Summative ideas

8.1.1. Final assignment ideas: plan a field trip with students, create a map of the school/town that includes any emergency exits, hospitals, police stations, family members or other important info (if a natural disaster occurred ex: flood for kirkcaldy heights.)

9. Objectives

9.1. Hook: seeing these landmarks on google maps will make it more realistic and practical for the students.

9.2. Have students to create a map with pins at certain locations involving trade, Olympics, United Nation countries etc. They will get with a partner and use google to search for the certain landmarks where they will identify them.