Wars of Religion

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Wars of Religion by Mind Map: Wars of Religion

1. France

1.1. House of Valois

1.1.1. Modern Catholics

1.1.2. Struggled to keep balance of Catholics and Calvinists

1.2. House of Guise

1.2.1. Ultra Catholic

1.2.2. Believed in the supremacy of the Church

1.2.3. Cadet Branch of royal family

1.2.4. Massacre of Vassy 1820 Locked praying Calvanist in barn Burned the barn down

1.3. House of Bourbon

1.3.1. Calvanists

1.3.2. Located in Southern France, as far away from Paris as possible

1.3.3. Had support from the Huguenots

1.4. Huguenots

1.4.1. Supported House of Bourbon

1.4.2. St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre 10,000 Calvinists are killed Huguenot leader assassinated in the street

1.4.3. Against the Ultra Catholics

1.4.4. Fought to gain control of the French Throne Henry of Navare Converts to Catholicism to take throne of France Shows politics are more important than religion, says root of war is not religion but nobles trying to gain power Edict of Nantes April 13, 1598 Settlement of the religious concerns in France

2. Dutch

2.1. William of Orange

2.1.1. Founding Father of Dutch Independence

2.1.2. resented the growing Spanish control over the Low Countries and persecution of Protestants

2.2. Dutch Revolt

2.2.1. Phase one of Wars of Religion

2.2.2. End result is truce

2.2.3. win for Rebels by not losing

2.2.4. 1567-1609

2.3. Maurice of Orange

2.3.1. Second son of William

2.3.2. Succeeded father of stadholder

2.3.3. He lost battles but generally executed a strategy of avoiding the big Spanish armies and fighting the small ones

3. Spain

3.1. Phillip II

3.1.1. King from 1556-1598

3.1.2. Ultra Catholic

3.1.3. "Most Catholic Monarch"

3.1.4. Absolute Monarch

3.1.5. Ruled during Spanish Golden Age

3.2. Spanish Armada

3.2.1. Failed invasion of Spain

3.2.2. Proved importance of Navy

3.2.3. Most ships destroyed by weather or Engllish long range cannons

3.3. Spanish Road

3.3.1. The overland route

3.3.2. General route Spanish took for war

3.4. Spanish Fury

3.4.1. Unpaid Soldiers ransack and massacre dutch towns

4. England

4.1. Elizabeth I

4.1.1. Sponsored the Dutch Revolt

4.1.2. Defeated the Spanish Armada