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My wonderings by Mind Map: My wonderings

1. Biodiversity

1.1. Palm plantation

1.1.1. How does do they make palm plants?

1.1.2. How do they do palm plantation ?

1.1.3. What do they use to make palm plants

1.2. Palm oils

1.2.1. How do they make palm oils?

1.2.2. How does palm oil become liquid?

1.2.3. How does palm plants take the seeds and then turn it into palm oil so it's a liquid?

2. Community

2.1. Collabarating people

2.1.1. How do they get people to work with them?

2.1.2. How do they make a shop?

2.1.3. what do they have to do before they make a shop

2.1.4. Who do they have to ask before they make a shop?

2.1.5. How can they repeat a shops?

2.1.6. l

3. Peace Keeping

3.1. Does peace keeping need to have no terrorists so that it's peace?

3.2. Does peacekeeping need peace so that it's peace?

3.3. Does peace keeping make no conflict happen, not even one time?

4. UN

4.1. How many successes did the UN make and How many failures did they make and why?

4.2. How did the UN get the name United Nations?

4.3. What made them think of the Name UN?

4.4. How does the UN protect themselves from the conflict that starts arising so that the people are safe?

4.5. How do they keep people safe from the bad things that they have doing it successfully and peacefully?

5. conflicts

5.1. Why do terrorist making the choice of Terrorizing?

5.2. Does conflict happen very oftenly if yes then why, if no then why not?

5.3. Does conflict often have a reason?

5.4. Do people do war then realise why they did it?

5.5. Does conflict have a main reason to it?