Special Education - Me

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Special Education - Me by Mind Map: Special Education - Me

1. Responsibilities

1.1. Write Individualized Education Programs (IEPs)

1.2. Adapt instructional plans to students' individual needs

1.3. Implement Individualized Education Programs

1.4. Create lesson plans for 7 grade levels (6-12)

1.4.1. Be sure all plans are based on the Standards of Learning and the Curriculum Maps

1.5. Ensure all students are receiving the appropriate accommodations in all classes

1.5.1. Create accommodations checklists and give them to colleagues to track

1.6. Monitoring student progress towards IEP goals

1.6.1. Keep notes, work samples, and other paper work to track and prove the progress of students on my case load

1.7. Keep in contact with parents regarding students progress and/or needs

1.7.1. Contact parents as needs to discuss student progress

1.8. Mandated Reporter

1.8.1. Report any suspected abuse to CPS

2. Professional Ethics

2.1. Treat all students fairly

2.2. Maintain professional decorum in all interactions inside and outside of school that regard my position as a special education teacher

2.3. Maintain a positive attitude in the workplace

2.3.1. Positivity is contagious

2.3.2. More will get done with a positive outlook than a negative one

2.4. Dress and present myself in an appropriate and professional manner

2.5. Treat all colleagues fairly

2.5.1. Treat everyone how you would want to be treated

2.6. Be cognizant of any unethical treatment of a student/s by colleagues or other school personnel

2.6.1. Be aware and be sure that the students' well-being is safeguarded at all times

2.7. Uphold all aspects of my position as mandated by IDEA

3. Collaboration and Team Building

3.1. Creates a more effective learning enviironment

3.1.1. Better lessons

3.1.2. Smoother instructional time

3.1.3. More help to spread around

3.2. Encourages student growth

3.2.1. Students get extra help

3.3. Doubles expertise of teachers in a room from 1 teacher to 2 - 2 heads are better than 1

3.3.1. Different views create new and useful ideas and strategies

3.3.2. Two teachers that work well together can create more effective lessons

3.4. Listening and communication are important

3.4.1. If the teachers can do this, they will model these positive habits for their students