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Media by Mind Map: Media
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The media is one of the agents of socialisation and sociologists are interested in how the media controls our lives and shapes our identity.

McQuail (2000) see's the media as greatly significant in relation to culture, and through the media, "social reality" is shown, which includes their "social identity


Refers to ways of regulating and controlling the media and restricting the audience from seeing certain things.

Governmental censorship includes use of the official secrets act and DA Notices (official requests to not publish and article) and "watchdogs". Other methods include the watershed which means things are shown after a certain time which aren't acceptable.


McLuhan (1964) argues that the media, and in particular new media technologies have a determing influence on social change. He believes that the widespead and ever-changing use of media has a fundamental effect on how people experience life.

Methods of researching mass media

Content analysis