Differentiating Lesson Plans

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Differentiating Lesson Plans by Mind Map: Differentiating Lesson Plans

1. Readiness

1.1. Student A is a senior and has been through 3 years of P.E. at the school

1.1.1. Student A should have a good variety of motor skills and movement patterns after three years in P.E. He would benefit in a group activity where he can help others around him but also be pushed by some of the better athletes

1.2. Student B is a transfer student and had no P.E. requirements at their previous school

1.2.1. Student B may not have highly developed motor skills from not participating in P.E. previously. He would benefit from a small group activity where he would receive lots of reps to refine his motor skills.

2. Learning Profiles

2.1. Student A is a visual learner

2.1.1. Videos showing the skills and throwing movements would aide Student A

2.1.2. Teacher and student demonstrations would also help Student A learn

2.2. Student B is kinesthetic learner

2.2.1. Student B would learn best by actually trying to mimic the movements and throwing motions. The more repetitions the easier the skill will be to learn.

2.2.2. Student B would benefit from one on one corrections from the teacher during warm ups or practice time throughout the lesson.

3. Standard/Objective

3.1. NASPE Standard 1: The physically literate individual demonstrates competency in a variety of motor skills and movement patterns

3.1.1. Students will be able to throw the Frisbee using the forehand and backhand technique to either a partner or at a target

4. Interest Levels

4.1. Student A is a varsity athlete competing in multiple sports at the school

4.1.1. Student A would love the competition that comes from the games in the lesson. Allowing him to choose a partner that is also competitive would also benefit him. Warm up and practice time can also be modified such as allowing them to throw longer distances.

4.2. Student B is the lead flute player in the band and needs to meet her P.E. requirement

4.2.1. Student B would also benefit by being allowed to choose a partner they feel comfortable with that is less competitive. She would also benefit from a shorter easier practice throw area with lots of positive reinforcement.