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Literacy in a 5th Grade Classroom by Mind Map: Literacy in a 5th
Grade Classroom
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Literacy in a 5th Grade Classroom


laptop computers

audio-visual equipment, classroom computer stations


Writing skills

Writing process, Editing

Computer word processing skills

Editing using Word

How to search on the Web

Use of various search engines

How to create a Web-site

Create a Classroom Web-site

Create a blog to coincide with a novel study

Create link to connect individual student blogs through Classroom Web-site



Create individual student blog to coincide with novel study, Find and read author blog sites, Write a blog journal portraying a young boy or girl living during the Revolutionary War. Tell who you are and if you're a Loyalist or a Patriot. Explain how this war has affected your life and family.


Research on the Web various election candidates during election season on Persuasive techniques, Create a video info-mmercial with table groups on a new product that your group has created to help learn a new technical skill in technology


Research and find various Graphic Organizer template sites to aide in Expository text., Choose and research a topic about the Colonial period. Use various research materials including internet searches. Write a research paper on the topic and include all sources used including at least 3 Web sources.


Create a Classroom Web-site

Create a fictitious product that helps students learn a new technical skill in technology

Classroom Environment

open concept

large tables

access to laptop/laptops at each table

resource center





paper and pencils

classroom computers, printer