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Computer by Mind Map: Computer
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Programming Languages

programming language

Low‐Level Languages, Machine language, Assembly language

Procedural Languages Third‐generation language (3GL), COBOL, object‐oriented programming (OOP) language, Java, C++, C#

nonprocedural language 4GL (fourth‐generation language), SQL, Classic programming languages, Ada, ALGOL, ALGOL, BASIC, Forth, FORTRAN, HyperTalk, LISP, Logo, Modula‐2, Pascal, PILOT, PL/1, Prolog, RPG, Smalltalk

Computer Programs

application generator






Web pages

Scripts, Programmers write scripts, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Rexx, Tcl, VBScript

Dynamic HTML (DHTML)

Ruby on Rails (RoR)

Web page authoring software, Dreamweaver, Expression Web, Flash, SharePoint Designer

Multimedia Program Development

Multimedia authoring software, ToolBook, Director

Program development, Step 1 – Analyze Requirements, Step 2 – Design Solution, Step 3 – Validate Design, Step 4 – Implement Design, Step 5 – Test Solution, Step 6 – Document Solution