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1. Drugs,Achol,Smoking

2. Smoking

3. smoking

4. Addiction means to be unable to stop doing something like stop playing a fun game or smoking these are examples of smoking when you are addicted you have no control over what you are doing like getting addicted to drugs. Addiction means to uncontrollably do something over and over again.

5. People get addicted to things such as drug's, smoking, and alcohol. Some people that are addicted can't stop or try to stop but can't.

6. To try and get out of substance/ drug addiction, you usually have to go to rehab. (It's very hard to come out of addiction.)

7. anything,

8. when people can not stop

9. Addiction means getting very used to something to the point of obsession .

10. Pepole who need it to "Survive"

11. someone who cant control a habit

12. Substance abuse

13. When you can't stop doing something and it could eventually harm you. These include drinking and smoking.

14. everythinggg

15. Pepole who will need Rehab

16. you are unable to stop doing something

17. Drugs, Smoking, Alchohol. Its means somebody is cannot stop doing the activity.

18. Addiction is normally mentioned when talking about drugs and smoking, and alcohal.

19. Gambling

20. Something you "Love"

21. u can be addicted to anything really like eating sniffing baby powder hurting yourself and the meaning of it means u cant stop doing something i am awsome

22. someone is hooked on something