Nature Vs Nurture.

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Nature Vs Nurture. by Mind Map: Nature Vs Nurture.

1. Agents of Socialisation.

1.1. Family

1.1.1. Family is primary socialisation

1.2. Media

1.2.1. All the rest are secondary socialisation

1.3. Religion

1.4. Peers

1.5. Education

1.6. Work place

2. What is primary socialisation?

2.1. Primary socialisation is where your family socialise you from birth to a certain age, until you are exposed to secondary socialisation. They teach you right from wrong and show you how to act.

3. What is secondary socialisation?

3.1. Secondary socialisation is things that make you who you are, for example, what music you listen to would make you different to other people, or your religion.

4. Key words

4.1. Nature

4.2. Nurture

4.3. Instinct

4.4. Socialised

4.5. Feral

4.6. Socialise

4.7. Primary Socialisation

4.8. Secondary Socialisation

4.9. Socialisation

5. Nature

5.1. Nature is your instinct, something you are born with, what is natural for you to do.

6. Feral children

6.1. Feral children are not socialised