Safety Procedures

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Safety Procedures by Mind Map: Safety Procedures

1. Useful equipment

1.1. Mask

1.2. Hard hat

1.3. Ear protection

1.4. Eye protection

1.5. Protective globes

1.6. High visibility clothing

1.7. protective shoes or bots

2. Useful language

2.1. Must

2.2. Mustn't

3. Useful language examples

3.1. You must wear protective globes if you're going to touch those cables.

3.2. He must wear a hard hat if he is considering entere to the construction

3.3. She mustn't be without protection in this area

3.4. Randy mustn't be playing with that lightfire, he's just a baby,

4. Some dangeous jobs

4.1. Police officer

4.2. Firefighter

4.3. Builder

4.4. Civil Engineer