Traffic Manifesto

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Traffic Manifesto by Mind Map: Traffic Manifesto

1. Chapters

1.1. The Manifesto

1.1.1. de Manifesto la Traffic I will find all of my potential customers take them all with less effort, and make more sales!

1.1.2. Traffic ... is based upon finding a targeted audience that is interested in you, your company, and your products.

1.2. The Simple Fact of Traffic Generation: Becoming The Expert is Integral to Your Success.

1.2.1. Understand This You can become an expert in any subject, even if you currently know nothing about it. You can do this by finding information online and teaching it to yourself. Becoming a renowned expert in your field is easier than you might suspect.

1.3. Creating Your Traffic Vacuum

1.3.1. Undestand This The RIGHT Content is King! What you should be doing is focusing on creating the content that will suck in visitors like crazy.

1.3.2. Methods Controversy You should always be checking news sites, blogs, and social bookmarking sites to see what is being discussed in your industry. Find someone with a view you disagree with and take them on. Lists When creating these lists, you must strive to give the most comprehensive list available online. If others have already created these lists, go and combine what the best have done and include it in yours. Don't plagiarize, but feel free to use their ideas as an example. Your lists can consist of the most read blogs in your niche, the (insert number here) ways to do (insert niche keyword here), and anything else you can come up with. Check out Listible to get ideas. Tools Map

1.4. The Holy Grail of Traffic

1.4.1. The first thing you do is search for your main keywords in Google. Next, go through the results and look for communities! This can be forums, social networks, topic focused article sites and many other options. Offer free content to the site owners through forms or email. Most of these sites will have a “help” section that will tell you exactly how to submit your content.

1.5. Classic Methods of Creating Traffic

1.5.1. What do you think you should focus on with your pay per click strategy? Long terms! Use longer and more focused terms. Your conversion will be much higher and you will pay less per click. Ads use specific ads for every term you target. Using that term in your ad will increase click through rates. The ad itself MUST be attractive to a consumer. People know where paid listings are and normally don’t even look at them. This is a simple fact based on studies of where someone looks on their computer screen while using search engines. Test your copy, if it isn’t working – change it! quality score. Secret overture espotting findwhat