N'Amerind Friendship Centre

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N'Amerind Friendship Centre by Mind Map: N'Amerind Friendship Centre

1. Vision

1.1. committed to the promotion of physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual well-being of Native people and in particular, Urban Native People.

1.2. implementation of culturally relevant programs aimed at social, recreational and educational needs,

1.3. developing leadership

1.4. increasing awareness levels of native heritage

1.5. establishing resources for community development

1.6. promoting the development of urban aboriginal self-governing institutions.

2. How are Programs Accessed?

2.1. Visit the N'amerind Friendship Centre

2.1.1. 260 Colborne Street London ON N6B 2S6

2.2. Attend Community Kitchen night for more information

2.2.1. Every Wednesday from 4 pm til 6 pm

2.3. Contact staff member responsible for each program for more information

2.3.1. http://www.namerind.on.ca/board-staff-list/

3. Equity, inclusion and awareness of cultural diversity

3.1. Centre focuses on Indigenous culture and particularly URBAN indigenous people

3.1.1. "Urban" Indigenous or Aboriginal people refers to those living in the city

3.2. Offers 20 different culturally relevant programs for education (school & life skills/choices) daily

3.3. The goal is to increase the awareness levels of indigenous heritage to reach a better understanding of Aboriginal culture and uniqueness of local Aboriginal culture

3.4. Aboriginal focus in health services & programs

3.4.1. Prenatal programs to reduce low birth-weight to teen mothers

3.4.2. reduce the social and health care costs associated with preventable infant mortality and disease

3.4.3. to improve nutrition, decrease alcohol and drug use, encourage breast feeding and promote positive family management practices.

4. Services & Programs

4.1. General

4.1.1. Once a month several co-hosted programs like but not limited to Ojibway & Haudenosaunee singing and dancing

4.2. Aboriginal Family Resource Centre

4.3. Aboriginal Combined Court Worker

4.3.1. Justice support services

4.4. Aboriginal Community Justice Program

4.4.1. support circle

4.5. Healthy babies, health children

4.6. Gladue Writer Program

4.7. Akwe:go Prgoram

4.7.1. designed to improve quality of life for Urban Aboriginals "at risk"

4.8. Dorothy Day Learning Centre

4.9. Aboriginal Family Support Program

4.10. Cultural Teachers

4.11. Aboriginal Drug & Alcohol PRogram

4.12. Community Liaison Program

4.13. Apatisiwin Employment & Training Program

4.14. Wasa-Nabin Program

4.14.1. Aboriginal Youth Program, for at risk youth ages 13-18