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Scholastic Teachers by Mind Map: Scholastic Teachers

1. Resources and Tools

1.1. Purpose

1.1.1. To Provide Lesson Plans, Theme Ideas and Discussion Guides

1.2. Lesson Plans

1.2.1. Search Grade level Subject/Topic

1.2.2. Featured Lesson Plans

1.3. Daily Starters

1.3.1. Prompts Teachable Moment Introduce new Information Math Problems Review Fun Facts Language Journal Entry Vocabulary

1.4. Printables

1.4.1. Projects Sample activities

1.4.2. Interactive Whiteboard Ready Lessons

1.4.3. Customize Lessons Games Puzzles Flashcards

1.4.4. Organize Own File Lesson plans Images Activity Sheets

2. Student Activities

2.1. Purpose

2.1.1. Provides activity ideas using the web and whiteboard as well as activities involving all subject areas and grade levels

2.2. Search

2.2.1. Index of Student Activities All Grades Reading Language Arts Math Science Social Studies Grade Level PreK-K Grades 1-2 Grades 3-5 Grades 6-8 Grades 9-12

2.3. Featured Student Activities

2.3.1. Popular Activities Underground Railroad The Solar System

2.4. Study Jams

2.4.1. Math Number Lines Video Test Yourself

2.4.2. Science Volcanoes Video Test Yourself

3. Products and Services

3.1. Purpose

3.1.1. Provides access to learning materials such as books and games, offers extra help in specific areas with different programs and software

3.2. For The Classroom

3.2.1. Products for Teachers Books Podcasts Magazines Digital Downloads

3.2.2. Products For Students Educational Software Classroom Magazines Scholastic News

3.3. Schools, District and Libraries

3.3.1. Software designed for struggling readers Read 180 Program Reading Counts System 44

3.3.2. Software designed to increase Math Skills Math 180 Program

3.3.3. Software designed to improve test scores Assessment Program

3.4. From School to Home

3.4.1. Book Fairs Summer reading

3.4.2. Family/Parent involvement in Learning Family Literacy Workshops

3.4.3. Mentoring and Community Involvement in Learning Interactive Mentor Reading Program

4. Strategies and Ideas

4.1. Purpose

4.1.1. Offers Help on time management, classroom management, meeting educational goals and objectives

4.2. Featured Bloggers

4.2.1. Lesson Ideas

4.2.2. Classroom Strategies

4.2.3. Book Lists

4.3. Videos

4.3.1. Authors/Illustrators

4.3.2. Books and Series

4.3.3. Inside the Classroom Classroom Management Classroom Activities/Crafts Classroom Tours

4.3.4. Specific Topics/Subjects

4.3.5. Webcasts Virtual Field Trips Virtual Author Visits

5. Books and Authors

5.1. Purpose

5.1.1. Provides books, discussion guides, lesson plans and author studies

5.2. Book Wizard Search

5.2.1. All Books Grade Level Reading Level Similar Books

5.3. Books

5.3.1. Lesson Plans

5.3.2. Book Related Activities

5.3.3. Discussion Ideas

5.3.4. Featured Videos Provides Overview/Summary of Books

5.3.5. Audiovisual DVDs

5.4. Booktalks

5.4.1. Videos Introduce a story Gets students interested in the upcoming read Overview of upcoming book

5.5. Featured Authors

5.5.1. Author Information

5.5.2. Interviews

5.5.3. Book Recommendation