Historical Perspective: America

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Historical Perspective: America by Mind Map: Historical Perspective: America

1. Created by: Rhys and Satvik

2. "I, Too, Hear America Singing" shows a man fighting against racial discrimination in the U.S, while "I Hear America Singing" shows people celebrating how great the U.S is in contrast to the first poem, which shows one of the bad things America used to have.

3. "I, Too, Sing America" by Langston Hughes

3.1. inspiring

3.1.1. The poem is about an African American taking a stand for their rights and racial equality. This is shown through the lines such as "I am the darker brother".

3.2. enlightened

3.2.1. The reader would be enlightened after reading the poem because the poem shows how the U.S used to have racial discrimination by describing an African American who was a slave.

4. "I Hear America Singing" by Walt Whitman

4.1. intruiged (mood)

4.1.1. All of the people are humming, whistling, or singing. These things are commonly associated with being happy. Due to this, the people in the story appear to be happy. Whatever the people are happy about is not explained, which might leave the reader wanting to know why the people are all coincidentally happy.

4.2. happy (tone)

4.2.1. All of the people in the poem are singing, humming, or whistling, implying that they are happy about something. Whatever the people are happy about is most likely newfound freedom from Britain. This is because the women are described to still be at their homes, and only men are at their jobs.