Teacher Feedbck

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Teacher Feedbck by Mind Map: Teacher Feedbck

1. We showed one of our teachers our nearly completed music video, so we knew what we had left to complete for our last editing session before the media deadline.

2. We need to add the title that introduced the artist and song title. (we already have the background that the titles will be placed on, we just have to pick the fonts that will compliment our genre.

3. The second verse of the main artist is out of sync at the moment, so we need to fix that so it looks as realistic and professional as possible to gain marks.

4. There's a gap that needs to be filled in which we are going to replace with footage of our storyline.

5. There's a change of shot type which is made to look like a picture that was take from previous shot, but when imported it slot into the sequence incorrectly, so we need to rotate the picture.