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WWII by Mind Map: WWII

1. Pearl Harbor

1.1. Pearl Harbor was on December 7th 1941. This event was when Japanese suicide bombers bombed the US naval base in Hawaii. This caused the United States to declare war on Japan.

2. Alliances

2.1. Due to many Alliances being made in WWII, once the United States declared war on Japan, Germany and Italy declared war on the US due to being alliances with Japan.

3. The Allied Front

3.1. Before the US entered the war, Britain and France had been fighting the Axis powers, which consisted of Japan, Italy, and Germany. The US did not want to get dragged into this war after WWI, so the US president FDR supplied the Allied powers with weapons such as: tanks, submarines, assault rifles, and planes.

4. D-Day

4.1. D-Day was on June 6th 1944. This was the Allied Powers last ditch effort to drive the Germans and the Axis Powers out of France and solidify an Allied victory in the war. This was the biggest and bloodiest battles of the war.

5. A Two Front War

5.1. This is deemed Hitler's biggest mistake. To help invade Poland Hitler called upon the Soviet Union and Joseph Stalin. They signed a pact to invade Poland together, essentially starting the war. Then Hitler turned on Stalin and invaded the Soviet Union. This started a two front war for Germany. The Soviets utilized the harsh conditions of winter to defeat the Germans in the Soviet Union weakening them for the eastern front.

6. How It Started

6.1. After WWI Germany was in shambles and needed a leader. Hitler rose to power through his charisma and public speaking ability. Shortly after receiving power Hitler invaded land that he felt was German land lost to the treaty of Versailles. This caused Britain and France to put sanctions on Germany, and said that if Germany invaded Poland that they would declare war. Well in 1938 Germany and the Soviet Union invaded Poland starting World War Two.