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1. Bank

1.1. an establishment

1.2. accepting deposits

1.3. making loans

1.4. act as an intermediary in financial transactions

2. Banker

2.1. an individual that is employed by a banking institution

2.2. participates in various financial transactions

3. Banking system

3.1. structural network of institutions

3.2. offer financial services within a county

3.3. the members and the functions

3.3.1. commercial banks take deposits make loans

3.3.2. investment banks capital market issues trading

3.3.3. national central banks issue currency set monetary policy

4. Big banks

4.1. largest banks by assets in certain areas

4.2. US's "Big Four" in 2011

4.2.1. Bank of America

4.2.2. J.P. Morgan Chase

4.2.3. Citigroup

4.2.4. Wells Fargo

5. Bank of England

5.1. UK's central bank

5.2. established in 1694

5.3. "Old lady" of Threadneedle Street

6. Banking operations

6.1. the legal transactions

6.2. providing loans, mortgages and investments

6.3. depend on

6.3.1. the focus

6.3.2. size of the bank