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Marquette Neighborhood Health Center by Mind Map: Marquette Neighborhood
Health Center
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Marquette Neighborhood Health Center


85% Medicaid

People under federal poverty level

"Working Poor"

5% Medicare

over 65

or people with disabilities

10% Commercial Insurace

Mostly MU students & employees


Tell the amazing stories of NPs, students and patients of MNHC

Display Digital Stories on MNHC and College of Nursing websites.

Increase percentage of Commercial insured patients to 15 - 20%

Increase awareness of health center on MU campus and in community

Inform prospective Nursing Students

Support fund raising efforts

College of Nursing

Provide clinic site for nursing students

learning site controlled by college of nursing

undergrad nursing students an see Nurse Practitioners in action

Opportunities for students to do home vitis

Provide Oversight

Faculty can keep up with their minimum requirements


Primary Care

80 - 90% of health related needs

Annual Exams

Immunizations, check-ups, blood pressure, etc.

Nurse Practitioner on call 24/7

Refer out to specialists

Translate medical jargon for patients

Care for chronic illnesses

Minor acute care

Home visits