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Think and Grow Rich - Mastermind by Mind Map: Think and Grow Rich - Mastermind

1. Power is essential for accumulation of great wealth

1.1. Power = ORganized Effort

1.1.1. Must enroll the help of others

1.2. Great power can be accumulated through no other principle

2. Sum is greater than the parts

3. Henry Ford

3.1. Began with the handicap of

3.1.1. Poverty

3.1.2. Illiteracy

3.1.3. Ignorance

3.2. In 10 years

3.2.1. Mastered those handicaps

3.3. In 25 yrs

3.3.1. Became the richest man in America

3.4. His Rapid strides began when

3.4.1. He became a friend of Edison

3.5. His Most Outstanding achievements began when

3.5.1. He became friends with Harvey Firestone Luthar Burbank Great Botanist JOhn BUrroughs Great Naturalist

4. Mastermind

4.1. Principle through which you may use and harness THE

4.1.1. Influence

4.1.2. Intelligence

4.1.3. Education

4.1.4. Even capital

4.1.5. Of other people

4.2. Principle through which you can accomplish in 1 yr

4.2.1. What would have taken a lifetime to accomplish by yourself

5. What is it

5.1. A Mind which grows out of blending and co-ordination of 2 or more minds