Language Arts Grade 3

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Language Arts Grade 3 by Mind Map: Language Arts Grade 3

1. Writing Workshop, Lucy Calkins & 6th Traits Writing Process

1.1. 3.II.B The students will engage in a writing process, with attention to organization, focus and quality of ideas.

1.1.1. Writing and Research:Writing to reflect audience, purpose, and task #1. Language Development: Conventions #1, 2, 3

2. 6th Traits of Writing

2.1. 3.II.C The student will apply standard English conventions when writing.

2.1.1. Reading and Literature: Reading Foundations #1. Language Development:Vocabulary #6, Conventions #2,3,4,5

3. Library:Reference Books, Computer Lab:Word Processing

3.1. 3.II.D The student will locate and use information in reference materials.

3.1.1. Writing and Research:Conducting research #2

4. Houghton Mifflin

4.1. 3.II.E The student will write legibly.

4.1.1. ?

5. Making Meaning

5.1. 3.III.A The student will demonstrate understanding and communicate effectively through listening and speaking.

5.1.1. Speaking and Listening: #1,2,3,4

6. Word Processing, Computer Lab

6.1. 3.III.C The student will critically analyze information found in electronic and print media, and use a variety of these sources to learn about a topic and represent idea.

6.1.1. Writing and Research:Using tools and technology

7. leveled reading books

7.1. 3.I.A The student will apply word recognize strategies to decode unfamiliar multi-syllabic words and will read grade-approprate text with accuracy and fluency.

7.1.1. Reading and Literature: Phonics and Word Recognition #1

8. Making Meaning

8.1. 3.I.B The student will use a variety of strategies to expand reading, listening and speaking vocabularies.

8.1.1. Speaking and Listening:Listening critically and participating productively #1,2,4

9. Leveled reading books, Making meaning

9.1. 3.I.C The student will understand the meaning of texts using a variety of comprehension strategies and will demonstrate literal, interpretive and evaluative comprehension.

9.1.1. Reading and Literature:Grasping specific details and key ideas #1. Observing craft and structure #5. Language Development: Vocab #3

10. Leveled reading books

10.1. 3.I.D The student will actively engage in threading process and read, understand, respond to, analyze, interpret, evaluate and appreciate a wide variety of fiction, poetic and nonfiction texts.

10.1.1. Reading and Literature: Observing craft and structure #6. Reading Foundations #2.

11. Writing Workshop, Lucy Calkins & 6th traits writing process

11.1. 3.II.A The student will compose various pieces of writing.

11.1.1. Writing and Research Standards:Writing to reflect audience, purpose, and task #1