Gothic Elements

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Gothic Elements by Mind Map: Gothic Elements

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3. Gothic Elements

3.1. A staple Gothic element is the setting, which is usually a run-down, mysterious castle, monastery or chateau. In this case, the setting is underground in the Montresor catacombs underneath Montresor's chateau--a damp, claustrophobic passageway, dripping with nitre from its proximity to a water source, leading always downward. Fortunato doesn't know this, but he is descending a stairway to Hell rather than to sample a rare wine. This is the perfect Gothic setting for a tale in which nothing good is going to occur.

3.2. One of the most important aspects of gothicism is the atmosphere of mystery and suspense the pervades the story. In this case, we know that Montresor has something horrific waiting for Fortunato, but we are in the dark ourselves, and I think it's safe to say that we are about as horrified as Fortunato when we realize what his punishment is.

3.3. The last Gothic element--one of the most effective--occurs at the very end after Montresor has almost walled up Fortunato but has left enough of an opening to stick his torch through to see what Fortunato is doing. After calling to Fortunato and getting no reply, Montresor looks in and says, "There came forth in return only a jingling of the bells." This is a particularly horrifying detail when we recall that Fortunato is in the costume of a fool or court jester--the juxtaposition of the costume with the reality of his situation is a great Gothic detail with which to leave Fortunato in his grave.

4. The Cask Of Montillado

5. Literary Devices


5.1.1. Revenge


5.2.1. Manipulation


5.3.1. Amontillado and fortunado had a existing conflict for the majority of their relationship

5.3.2. Fortunado drove amondillado to his breaking point all fortunado has always disrespected his job and life. Also fortunado stole all of amontillado friends that he mad and his girfriends to forunado always and has to be better than amontillado


5.4.1. The first symbol is the cask of Amontillado itself. It is an extremely rare and valuable vintage. However, its functionality and usefulness are extremely limited. As a substance whose only real purpose is to intoxicate the user, it perfectly represents Fortunato’s abandonment of reason and common sense.

5.4.2. Another example of symbolism within the story is the nature of the setting. On the surface, the city represents revelry and celebration. However, underneath the apparent revelry and happiness lie the catacombs, dark and sinister. This is a perfect parallel to Montressor’s mental state. While he is generous and light-heartened on the surface, beneath the façade, he harbors darkness and ill intent. Finally, both of the characters names represent various levels of both irony and symbolism. Fortunato’s name translates roughly as “the fortunate one” from Italian. He is obviously not fortunate in any way.


5.5.1. Fortunado He is an Addict, Naive, and prideful and greedy & finally hes Insensitivity Montresor he is an unreliable narrator, unsympathetic, & he brags about his sins

5.6. MOOD

5.6.1. Aggravated, Angry, Gloating, Jealous, Clueless, Empowered, Dark, & Numb.


5.7.1. An underground catacomb, somewhere in Italy, during the carnival season.

5.8. TONE

5.8.1. Creepy, Elegant, and Funny


5.9.1. while descending into the catacombs, Monstressor continuously points out how uncomfortable it is down there. He uses words like "damp," "moisture," and "foulness" and similes such as "the niter hangs like moss" which make the reader imagine what it smells, feels, and looks like in the underground tomb.

6. Literary Devices


6.1.1. Death Fear


6.2.1. Versions of reality ( which means he doesnt believe what he saw) Life, Existence, & Consciousness


6.3.1. The main conflict is that the narrator is being tortured by the Spanish Inquisition. His inquisitors are playing a cat-and-mouse game wtih him in which he is near the brink of some horrible fate, but then he gets a sudden reprieve, only to find himself in the middle of an even more horrible torture.


6.4.1. This story is full of symbolism. One could view the entire story as one man's descent into hell (the pit functions as a symbol) then his progression into purgatory (the pendulum serving as a way to pass time or work off his sins), and then finally his ascension into heaven (the French soldiers freeing him symbolic of heaven by the sudden light shining into the gloom and the sound of horns heralding his release).


6.5.1. Our chracter is very frightened, terrorized, trammatized, does not have trust and is subject to very terrible torure.

6.6. MOOD

6.6.1. dark, extremely mysterious, unknown, suspensful


6.7.1. the very beginning of the story that it takes place during the Spanish Inquisition in Toledo, Spain.

6.8. TONE

6.8.1. Dark, Graphic, Intense, confused.


6.9.1. We know what the and pendulum are meant to do: frighten, torture, and kill. As the narrator notes, however, his jailors could have simply burned him at the stake if they just wanted him dead. No, they want to do something more. They want to make him think. And think he does. And we think, too. It turns out that we're prisoners, too,

7. Gothic elements

7.1. The story is scary and eerie, first and foremost. There is a distinct element of fear present. It is also a mysterious tone, because so many questions are left unanswered, and so much is taking place in the dark. Between the fear and the mystery, the narrator goes in and out of fits of seeming madness and anxiety, creating a further tone of hysteria. Certainly, though the story is short, it is thrilling and intense from beginning to end.

7.2. The elements in clue the fact of self lonelyness and the thought of fear and terror in every corner he looks or goes.

7.3. His mental state flys through the roof when he wakes up after begin druged with a pendulum swaying back and forth in front of him and what he does is smile and lay calmly know this is it

8. The Visual Images

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11. The Pit & The Pendulum

12. The Visual Images