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Marquette Neighborhood Health Center by Mind Map: Marquette Neighborhood Health Center
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Marquette Neighborhood Health Center

MNHC is an in-network provider for all Marquette University health plans (EPO and PPO). Conveniently located near the west end of campus at 1834 W. Wisconsin Avenue, the center is operated by the College of Nursing.

Community Partners

Practitioners and Staff

Nurse Practitioners


Hours will change soon because of staffing

Margaret Ann “Martty” Berner, MSN, CNM, APNP


Getting more commercially insured people to use the center

Current and Potential Funders

Prospective Students

New Programs?

New Grants?


Promoting Raising Needs

Linking Stories to Program's Web Site

Develop Client Testimonials


Services include yearly check-ups (school, sports and work physicals), well-child care, immunizations, screenings, laboratory tests and management of chronic illnesses.

Center serves vulnerable sectors of the community.

Allows MU faculty opportunities to maintain certifications and conduct research.

MNHC's vision is to reduce health disparities by delivering quality health care to adults and children in the Milwaukee metropolitan area and to provide clinical education to nursing students.