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Kids Help Phone by Mind Map: Kids Help Phone

1. Vision

1.1. "Continue to improve and grow Kids Help Phone to ensure the delivery of effective, timely and valuable counselling, referrals and information to every young person in Canada from five to 20 who could benefit from our support" (Kids Help Phone, 2015)

1.2. Beliefs

1.2.1. All young people have the right to be heard

1.2.2. Counselors must be paid professionals holding the highest degree of academic and professional standards

1.2.3. Pioneering new ways to use the ever-evolving changes in communications technology

1.2.4. Contribution to awareness and public dialogue on children's issues

2. Equity, Inclusion and Awareness (Cultural Diversity)

2.1. Kids Help Phone is completely anonymous unless a caller chooses to identify themselves on the line

2.2. Kids Help Phone is available to all young people across Canada

2.3. Through a wide range of resources, Kids Help Phone works tirelessly to share young people's perspectives on a society level - locally, nationally, and globally

3. Accessing Services offered by Kids Help Phone

3.1. Young people of Canada are able to access the Kids Help Phone services by use of phone or online. There are also downloadable apps available to help connect students to the appropriate resources available

4. Services and Programs for Ontario students and their families

4.1. Easily accessible services that are continuously evolving based on new and innovative communications technology

4.1.1. By Phone: 1-800-668-6868 An option for those who prefer to talk through their problem 24/7 Service

4.1.2. Resources Around Me: Interactive tool available in French and English to help connect young people with resources located in their area

4.1.3. By Live Chat: Wednesday-Sunday 6PM-2AM A confidential message based option to speak online with a counselor through a chat window

4.1.4. Always There app Provides age appropriate information on emotional health and relationship topics

5. Other Info

5.1. During their first 25 years of service, Kids Help Phone has been connected with more than 7.1 million times

5.2. Research has proven that Kids Help Phone significantly improves youth mental health

5.3. Kids Help Phone raises the majority of their revenue from foundational, corporate and individual donations