The Jolly Jaunters

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The Jolly Jaunters by Mind Map: The Jolly Jaunters

1. Where

1.1. The Greenock Cut

2. When

2.1. Date

2.1.1. 13th January 2016-week 6

2.2. Time

2.2.1. TBC

3. Budget

3.1. How much will it cost to set up?

3.2. How will the cost be covered?

4. The Event Action Plan

4.1. Carry out risk assessment

4.2. Create time line for event

4.3. Created map of route

4.4. Advertising event

4.5. Contact charity

4.6. Raise awareness of charity

5. Invitation

5.1. Who will be there

5.1.1. Caroline McFadyen

5.1.2. Stacey Glacken

5.1.3. Stuart Patton

5.1.4. Kelly Anne Collins

5.1.5. Joanne McBride

6. Run Event

6.1. Make sure event runs to plan

6.2. Make sure everyone knows their role and follows it

6.3. Make sure everything is planned properly

7. Charity we are raising money for

7.1. Greenock food bank