My website plan

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My website plan by Mind Map: My website plan

1. What im interested in. Im going to put all of my hobbies on the website as well, so that people who visit my page can know what i do like to do in my spare time.

1.1. New node

2. The home page is the getting people to know abit about my site and whats going to happen to the website over the 2 years, and also what work is going to be there.

2.1. New node

3. media

3.1. photos

3.1.1. film cameras video cameras

4. My video production page is going to show you what i had to do about my Horror movie trailer, it will show you all the steps how the movie industry and it also shows you what equipment i used.

5. Put all my photos on the website from the Photography unit, also to describe what i did with the photos, and why i put them up.

6. New node

7. to put all my media study,s work in the website and trying to learn new things

7.1. photos

7.2. New node