Ed Tech: Co-influence of Andragogy and Technology

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Ed Tech: Co-influence of Andragogy and Technology by Mind Map: Ed Tech: Co-influence of Andragogy and Technology

1. Technophobe or Technophile

1.1. University going obsolete

1.2. Utopian

1.3. Dystopian

1.4. Digital Natives vs Immigrants

2. Tech on Adult Ed

2.1. Delivering Information

2.1.1. New Learning Contexts New Learning Environments F2F vs e-learning and Distance Ed Modes of Delivery Trends New Learning Theories Connectivism Constructionism

2.2. Organizing Information

2.2.1. 21st Century Knowledge Management LMS etc

2.3. Interpreting Information

2.3.1. New Data Analytics Big Data

3. Adult Ed on Tech

3.1. Learner Autonomy

3.1.1. Lifelong Learning Wikis Learner Communities MOOCs

3.1.2. Personalized Learning Self-directed Learning Multiple Intelligences Impacts consumer market, though unproven academically

3.1.3. Purposeful Learning Transformational Learning Moments of Need Performance Support Learning by Doing Experiential Learning Action Learning Project-based Learning Active Learning

3.2. Competency vs Criterian