Planning a Presentation- Angel Murrieta

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Planning a Presentation- Angel Murrieta by Mind Map: Planning a Presentation- Angel Murrieta

1. My personal thoughts

1.1. I feel one of the biggest problems I will have is researching the music industry.

1.1.1. The music industry is always changing as well as the fans of new artist

1.2. The ending result of this presentation, I want the audience to know that I will be a valuable person to have on there side

1.2.1. I want to show them what I'm capable of doing

1.2.2. My experiences that makes me qualified

2. Flow Ideas

2.1. Target Audience

2.1.1. 18- 35 I want to use this age range because the ages presented are usually the ones to follow trends. Business Managers/Record Label Owners Music Publishers Future Artist

2.2. Beginning

2.2.1. Personal Experiences What I've been taught in school. I been taught how to record and successfully create music, sound effects, etc What shaped and formed me The experiences have shaped me to be this kind of person A story to present about myself Why does my life revolve around music Experience at Full Sail

2.3. Middle

2.3.1. What makes me a valuable asset Skills Motivation Determination Leadership Demonstrate musical capabilities using musical instruments

2.3.2. Obstacles in the music industry Finding an Artist Getting people to notice a new artist Promotions Financing Finding employees Artist are utilizing there own recording techniques. With store bought musical instruments and microphones. Artist

2.4. End

2.4.1. This is what I can bring to the company I can ensure that I will be able to meet deadlines as well as giving what I am asked to do. (re-word) I can record, produce and promote up coming artist. I have recently attended Full Sail University and graduated for Recording Arts. Background of Music Production. Experience of promoting up coming artist I can network with a diverse community of media arts. Students from Full Sail Questions the audience will have for me.

3. What tools are needed for this presentation?

3.1. Keynote

3.1.1. Powerpoint Presentation I believe the powerpoint presentation will be a valuable tool to utilize because I'll be able to add hopefully videos, images and can time each slide.

3.2. Research the business of the modern music industry

3.2.1. I will be using the internet a lot for research into what makes a good presentation. I can use what the music industry is currently looking for. Audio Engineers Produceers Promoters

3.3. Audio recording device, Microphone

3.3.1. I can use a microphone to record my own voice telling my presentation Audio effects to make the presentation more interesting