Emotional Intelligence - Performance

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Emotional Intelligence - Performance by Mind Map: Emotional Intelligence - Performance

1. Ability to Handle Pressure/Anxiety

1.1. If you follow sports

1.1.1. Some players perform very well under pressure

1.1.2. But others just break down under pressure

1.2. It is all about their ability to handle those tough external situations and regulate their emotions so that they can performance at their very best

1.3. When do you perform at your very best?

1.3.1. When there is very little pressure?

1.3.2. When there is too much pressure?

1.3.3. Probably somewhere in the middle - Your peak peformance zone YErkes Dodson Curve

1.3.4. The Key is that - The elite players, the clutch players can stand in the face of pressure, and regulate their emotions such that they GET themselves in PEAK performance zone. They don't let the situation dictate their emotional state

2. Ability to Handle Impulses

2.1. Walter Michel 1960s

2.1.1. In California

2.2. 4 yr old kids

2.2.1. Offered 1 Marshmallow

2.2.2. If you dont eat this Marshmallow for 20 mins We will give you another marshmallow

2.3. 14 yrs later

2.3.1. Those who waited SAT = 1262 Embraced Challenges Handled Pressure better More socially competent

2.3.2. Those who couldn't wait SAT = 1052 20%

2.4. Implications

2.4.1. Ability to Handle Impulses The most fundamental psychological skill Ability to delay gratification Deny impulses in service of a goal Crucial to long term success

3. Ability to handle Defeats/challenges

3.1. In History. Stories of all great performances and achievements are also stories of defeats/challenges and setback

3.2. Function of

3.2.1. Level of intelligence / Talent

3.2.2. Capacity to withstand failures, setbacks and defeat

3.3. Ability to handle defeats/challenges

3.4. Self Efficacy

3.4.1. Feeling that you can handle life's challenges as they come

4. Meta Cognition

4.1. self awareness

4.1.1. Of emotions

4.1.2. Awareness of what is happening rather than being lost in it

4.2. Above the flow of experiences

4.3. Awareness of Emotions as they come