Ethical Considerations When Embedding International Philosophies Rhonda Fletcher-Leonetti Decemb...

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Ethical Considerations When Embedding International Philosophies Rhonda Fletcher-Leonetti December 2015 by Mind Map: Ethical Considerations When Embedding International Philosophies  Rhonda Fletcher-Leonetti December 2015

1. Ethical issues for making a curriculum international in a nation where developing international understanding was associated with supporting western culture?

1.1. How can these issues be overcome?

1.1.1. Should they be overcome? Yes, a broader global perspective is always beneficial

1.1.2. Strong acknowledgement of host nation traditions, holidays, language

1.1.3. Incorporate aspects of national education curriculum i.e. At the American School of Milan students can take the national Italian Terza Media exam

1.1.4. Educating the community of the benefits of international curriculum Economic Enhanced Student Learning Language immersion Global Competence Vibrant Learning Communities

1.2. Displaced national pride

1.3. Loss of individual or national identity

1.4. Short term economic strain to support international curriculum in domestic environment ie - Mother tongue foreign language instruction

1.5. Western resentment

2. Ethical issues in a nation where developing international understanding is considered a positive, but where there are many different cultural groups represented within the community with competing ideas on who is ‘right’ in the international community?

2.1. How can these issues be overcome?

2.1.1. Should they be overcome Issues may not be able to be overcome, but they need to be acknowledged and efforts should be made to create an inclusive environment

2.1.2. Emphasis on inclusive international environment not just the "most commonly represented"

2.1.3. Acknowledge that conflict / issues exist and that is ok. "Agree to disagree."

2.2. Unfair or unbalanced focus and emphasis on Western cultures and languages

2.3. Peripheralized cultural identity

2.4. A sense of loss of national identity

2.5. Struggling to fit in - Culture Shock x2 - School and Host Country

3. Summary: Resistance to new or different ideas is normal. Change takes time. To successfully embed an international philosophy in a local or national environment will not happen overnight. An international school will organically attract a more global and open minded community of parents and staff which will perpetuate the positive aspects of an international curriculum In addition, acknowledgement and respect of local or national traditions and culture as well as demonstration of the benefits, both individually and globally, of an international curriculum will win over the resistors. As a parent, my sons have gone to international schools most of their lives. They have Italian and American citizenship, however they identify with an international culture, they were international kids and they have carried over this broader global view to their young adult lives. As we move to a globalized future it is necessary to have intercultural awareness balanced with preservation of national cultures.

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5. International Baccalaureate

6. The World is Big. The World is Small