Front matter-Alberta Social Studies POS

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Front matter-Alberta Social Studies POS by Mind Map: Front matter-Alberta Social Studies POS

1. Vision

1.1. nature of 21st century learners

1.2. citizenship and identity

1.3. multiple perspectives

1.4. importance of diversity

1.5. respect for differences

2. Definition

2.1. study of people in relation to each other and to their world

3. Role

3.1. Values and Attitudes

3.1.1. diversity, dignity , equality of all human beings

3.1.2. social compassion, fairness and justice

3.1.3. appreciate and respect how multiple perspectives

3.1.4. traditions, concepts and symbols

3.1.5. thrive in their evolving identity with a legitimate sense of belonging to their communities, Canada and the world

3.1.6. a global consciousness with respect to humanity and world issues

3.1.7. consciousness for the limits of the natural environment

3.1.8. life long learning and opportunities

3.2. Knowledge and Understanding

3.2.1. understand their rights and responsibilities

3.2.2. the unique nature of Canada

3.2.3. knowlege of the history of Alberta, of Canada and of the world

3.3. Skills and Processes

3.3.1. active inquiry