Internet Safety

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Internet Safety by Mind Map: Internet Safety

1. Your age

2. Your favorite video game

3. Your gender

4. Phone number

5. School name

6. Home address

7. Online Communication

8. Internet Use Both Positive and Negative

9. Being a Good Digital Citizen

10. Private vs. Personal information

11. Private Information: Information that CAN be used to identify you

12. Personal Information: Information that CANT be used to identify you

13. Video messaging

14. Texting

15. Use internet traffic lights to determine wether it's safe to move forward(green), proceed with caution(yellow) or to stop (red)

16. Beware of online predators: adults who stalk children online

17. Tip: Online predators will usually tell you to keep the chat private and a secret

18. DO NOT give your private information out to strangers

19. There are many positive uses of the internet, but there can also be negative effects of it

20. Great for finding and researching information in search engines

21. It's fine to share your personal information with others online, but DO NOT share your private information with people you do not know well online

22. Comunication with people around the world

23. Businesses can do transactions with their customers

24. Inappropriate or illegal material can be found on the internet

25. Some criminals use the internet to spread viruses or use other peoples bank accounts

26. Tip: If you are not sure whether or not something is inappropriate for you to view or not, think about if your grandma would approve of it. If she wouldn't it's probably not ok for you to view.

27. The internet can sometimes be very dangerous because they can be disguised as someone else.

28. When communicating online, talk as if you would talk in real life

29. Be wary of your digital footprint, as anything you post on the internet will stay there and can be eventually tracked down.

30. Do not plagiarize someone else hard work, as it is considered a crime

31. Think before you send: Remember that behind the computer, there is a human with feelings so be careful of what you send to others