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ART by Mind Map: ART

1. Avant Garde

1.1. rejection of French Academy & Bourgious

1.2. Low art

1.3. High art

1.4. Isms

1.4.1. Minimalism Conceprual art Idea Driven Artist is removed Sol lewitt Duchamp Material is arbitrary Formulas Stripped of emotion Viewing is an experience Pictures yoko ono types of conceptual art Frank stella Breaks down Abex Donald Jud sculpture on wall > painted rober smithson open for interpretation Feminism Eva Hessa liouse Bourgeois yayoi kusama Non objective painting for painting theatricality void of emotion significant in greenburge

1.4.2. Impressionism

1.4.3. post- impressionism pointilism everday scenes liberty with color cezanne painting for paintings sake flattens

1.4.4. futurism potographic capture motion exudes emotion war was cleansing

1.4.5. surrealism Destinations

1.4.6. Cubism started the revolution Picasso and braque

1.4.7. Fomalism Modernism Abstract Expresionism

1.4.8. Neo dada- ism peace lovers/ international used art to escape war 1960's collage/mixed media Hated clement green berg rejection art war

1.5. Pop Art

1.5.1. Andy Warhol

1.5.2. Jeff Koons Makes low art become high art

1.5.3. Influenced by Duschamp

1.5.4. Destinations