thoughts from shanghai

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thoughts from shanghai by Mind Map: thoughts from shanghai

1. add modules

1.1. parent block

1.2. flexpages

1.3. skype module

1.4. voting system

1.5. tiny mce integration

1.6. easy vote

2. Moodle

2.1. need a sandbox

2.2. look at layout of my courses

2.3. setup the grade 7 course as a moodle only course

2.4. think about the layout of the biology class

2.5. my moodle as a link

2.5.1. add an HTML nav block

2.6. look at adding accomplishing some of thes things through changing roles

3. blogging system

3.1. Break the blogs into a teacher/student system

3.2. more critical analysis and thought

3.3. Setup Teacher-Student

3.4. PD for Elementary Teachers

4. isb

4.1. keep it to the three gap,wpmu, moodle because the kids were complaining about the number of different resources

4.2. comments about number of tools and lack of direction about what to use when

5. infrastructure

5.1. get cas kids editing the motherblog

5.1.1. spam different plugin?

5.1.2. teachers categories

5.1.3. elementary training

5.1.4. porfolio setup

5.1.5. look at archive and position of plugins

5.2. geek squad

5.2.1. purpose

5.2.2. function