Music Mind Map

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Music Mind Map by Mind Map: Music Mind Map

1. Music Industry

1.1. Music Video

2. Education

2.1. Performance

2.1.1. Live Production

2.1.2. Instrumentation

2.1.3. Songwriting Structure Lyrics Melody

2.2. Theory

2.2.1. Chord Charts

2.2.2. Music Notation Sight Reading Technique Scales Articulation Dynamics Phrasing Duration Rhythm Tempo Pitch

3. Music Industry

3.1. Live Concert

3.1.1. Concert

3.1.2. Dress Rehearsals

3.1.3. Band Rehearsals

3.1.4. Promotional Planning

3.2. Music Video

3.2.1. Music Production Garage Band Logic/Pro Tools Recording Vocals Production Techniques Software Instruments/MIDI Live Instrumentation

3.2.2. Filming

3.2.3. Live Performance

4. “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent”