Basic English

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Basic English by Mind Map: Basic English

1. Verbs

1.1. We met 20 verbs

2. Personal Pronouns

2.1. We met personal pronouns and grammatical application.

3. To be or not to be

3.1. We know and learn verb, being or living and its forms.

4. Where are you from

4.1. We learned to write correctly where we live.

5. Possessive Adjectives

5.1. Possessive adjectives and their application forms in each

6. Sentences

6.1. We learned to formulate a sentence properly.

7. Negative and interrogative sentences

7.1. We learned to say prayers in negative and interrogative.

8. Country

8.1. We met different names of countries and languages.

9. Are you on time

9.1. We knew the right way to tell time.

10. Demonstrative Pronoun

10.1. We met demonstrative pronouns and grammatical application.

11. Family

11.1. We know and learn the types of family there.

12. There is/There are

13. Jobs

13.1. We met types of jobs.